SecureAire ACTIVE Particle Control™ Technology
A Single Technology Platform for all Airborne Contaminants that has been real-word tested to protect the indoor environment. Comprehensive solutions for health care, residential, commercial, and industrial indoor air environments.

Bringing Clean Room Technology to Everyday Spaces

How it Works

  1. Particles are “Conditioned” with Charge
  2. Charged Particles are forced to “Collide
  3. Particles Gain Mass and are “Net Neutral” creating the “TRANSPORT mechanism
  4. Particles become more easily “Captured
  5. Captured Pathogens are Killed By INACTIVATE™ Technology
  6. “Particles that Escape” are Conditioned to “Remove Critical Contaminants” from the Treated Space

Real-World & Third-Party Evidence

St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children

Largest long-term care children’s hospital in New York. Lowered hospital acquired infections by over 45% in 30-month study.

University of Texas | MD Anderson Cancer Center

Top ranked cancer center in the US. Recently installed SecureAire for Covid-19 mitigation.

UC Davis Health Medical Center

Achieved >80% reduction in 0.3 micron airborne particles and significant improvement in CFU contaminants.

American Journal of Infection Control

Recently published report – 95% reduction in ultra-fine particles compared to HEPA filtration in live hospital operating rooms.

Industries Currently Using ACTIVE Particle Control™ Technology

low angle photo of city high rise buildings during daytime
woman wears green face mask
coconut palm trees in hotel lobby
white and brown concrete house near green trees under blue sky during daytime

Our Team Can Help You Find a Solution.

Pairing quality filtration that passively removes contaminants, with a reliable air purifier to ensure small particles have the ability reach the filter for removal, fills that efficiency gap that your filter is not capable of performing at.

The IAS 2 step approach will help you meet your IAQ goals with customized strategies designed around your needs and budget.

Indoor Air Solutions