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Our Poly Filter Media features technologies that are unmatched by competitors. Call us today to place your order. New E-Commerce Platform coming soon!
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Poly Filter Media distributed by Indoor Air Solutions features technologies that are unmatched by competitors.

Our Poly Filter Media offers a longer filter life and increased performance over time compared to pleated filters.  All technologies are integrated within the filter, ensuring they stay effective for the lifetime of the filter, compared to a pleated filters post application that gets suffocated by particles over time.

Filters are available by pick-up, delivery (within limits), or can be shipped to any location in the US.

We also offer multiple service options to fit your needs! Contact us below to speak with a member of our team to discuss your individual filter/frame needs. 

Merv 11 VE3 Technology Antimicrobial Filtration


Merv 9 Dustlok Encapsulation Antimicrobial Filtration


Merv 8 Standard Tackified Filtration


Other Products and Services:
  • Other filters we offer:

    Pleated Filters, Panel Filters, Link Filters, Wedge Filters, Pocket/Bag Filters, Paint Booth Filtration, Air Purification Systems.

  • Filter Maintenance Program: Custom-designed Filter Maintenance Programs can be designed to fit your needs.  IAS can schedule regular filter delivery or provide filter change services for your property.  Maintenance programs can include filtration, air purification, and/or HVAC maintenance. Make Indoor Air Quality a priority with IAS Maintenance Programs.

  • 2 Stage Air Purification System: Indoor Air Solutions can create a Filtration and Air Purification Maintenance Program designed specifically for your space consisting of 2-stage indoor air cleaning. (Filtration + I-wave). Air Purification systems are a one-time purchase, and filtration can be customized to be delivered to you or included in a Filter Maintenance Program.

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