Proven Technology to Increase Yield, Protect Against Mold, and Remove Odor

Bringing Clean Room Technology to Everyday Spaces

Increase Crop Yield

ACTIVE Particle Control™ Technology has been directly linked to an up to 40% increase in crop yield by an indoor grow facility in the state of Florida.

Protect Against Mold & Bacteria

ACTIVE Particle Control™ Technology has been proven in real-world tests to remove up to 99.99% of harmful fine and ultrafine particles from the air, which includes mold, mildew, bacteria, and other particles.

Remove Odors

ACTIVE Particle Control™ Technology has been proven to minimize airborne contamination levels and odors within and around cannabis grow facilities.

Case Study

Cannacraft: A Leading Colorado Grow Facility

Opportunity: Colorado was one of the first places to legalize cannabis, and the first Federal RICO case was subsequently filed in Colorado against Cannacraft. The lawsuit claimed that “noxious odors” were going to have a negative impact on nearby property values.

Action: ACTIVE Particle Control™ Technology was installed and deployed at the Cannacraft Grow Facility. Cannacraft also deployed an Air Quality Monitor to measure airborne contaminants and hired a panel of “sniffers” to assess the effectiveness of the technology.

ResultACTIVE Particle Control™ Technology was deployed and provided measurable particle count reductions and virtually eliminated odors within the first 24 hours of deployment. As a result, Cannacraft won the Federal RICO lawsuit and set a precedent for future cases.

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