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Protect your Indoor Air Quality with our MERV 11 VE3 filters or ACTIVE Particle Control™ Technology.
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Bringing Clean Room Technology to Everyday Spaces

Filtration Alone is Not Enough.

Air Filtration has been relied upon for years to provide cleaner air in indoor spaces, as well as protect your HVAC equipment. More recently, we have all had to take a different look at air quality.

Providing safe spaces for friends, family, co-workers, and patients has never been more critical.

At Indoor Air Solutions, we decided to go back to the basics and look at particle behavior to be able to provide better solutions for cleaning the air. This brought us to a moment where we realized that we are simply not doing enough.

When understanding this behavior, facts tell us that filters alone are not enough to protect the air we breathe.

To solve this problem, we designed the 2-step Approach to better IAQ. Our theory is based on data showing that more than 90% of particles cannot reach the filter for removal because they do not respond to airflow. This is why we recommend supplementing filtration with the right purification solution to provide a way for particles to reach the filter for removal.

Following the IAS 2-Step Approach, we are able to provide solutions to remove all types of airborne contaminants. We have the resources to provide any IAQ-related services necessary.

NEW: SecureAire’s ACTIVE Particle Control™ Technology

A Single Technology Platform for all Airborne Contaminants that has been real-word tested to protect the indoor environment.

Protect your Indoor Air Quality through COVID-19 inactivating advanced filtration.

Inactivate COVID-19 with Indoor Air Solutions’ 2-stage approach, featuring ACTIVE Particle Control™ Technology.

About Indoor Air Solutions

We specialize in high-quality, advanced technology air filtration and purification solutions to protect yourself, family, friends, coworkers, and/or customers.

Clean Air Services was established in 1978 and purchased in 2018 by Zenith Business Group, Inc. In 2022, we moved under the Indoor Air Solutions, Inc. umbrella. Our initial focus was on air filtration, but after COVID-19 we knew we needed to add Air Purification into our business model for the BEST Indoor Air Solutions for all different types of environments. We offer an array of services, from air filtration purchases and services, to air purification solutions and indoor air quality monitoring.

Since 2018, Indoor Air Solutions has been providing filtration and/or purification solutions to the University of Tampa, JC Newman Cigar, Promise Pointe Senior Living Facility, Windhorst Professional Center as well as many other loyal customers.

Why Indoor Air Solutions?
  • We offer custom solutions for anybody, from commercial businesses to residential clients tailored to specific needs.
  • We are not just a supplier of air filtration. We are a resource for Indoor Air Quality concerns for all our customers.
  • We utilize advanced technology which is superior to Pleated Filtration available at big-box suppliers.
  • Our main goal is to provide clean, healthy indoor air by focusing on the specific needs and concerns of our customers and providing them with products that give them the assurance they are protecting themselves from indoor air pollutants.

Only concerned about air filters alone? Make sure you're properly using the correct filtration for optimal performance.

Did You Know...

Comparing Air Filters

The test in the video was created to show particle retention without air flow. Other factors including air flow, air pressure, and HVAC system maintenance can affect filter performance.

Filters are necessary in providing clear indoor air and avoiding illness and other related issues.

Filters are your 1st line of defense from indoor air pollution.

Your central heat & air systems filters are your first source at cleaning the air & removing pollutants inside your home or office.  Proper maintenance of these filters ensures cleaner air, while also help the HVAC system operate as intended.

Our Clients

Obtain peace of mind that the air you breathe is safe, healthy, and clean.

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